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Plugin Information

title: Wave shaper
media types: Audio
description: LADSPA plugin
version: 1
creator: Steve Harris <>
copyright: Copyright (C) 2004-2014 Meltytech, LLC
license: GPLv2


Automatically adapts to the number of channels and sampling rate of the consumer.


  • Some effects have a temporal side-effect that may not work well.



title: Waveshape
type: float
readonly: no
required: no
minimum: -10
maximum: 10
default: 0


title: Instances
description: The number of instances of the plugin that are in use. MLT will create the number of plugins that are required to support the number of audio channels. Status parameters (readonly) are provided for each instance and are accessed by specifying the instance number after the identifier (starting at zero). e.g. 9[0] provides the value of status 9 for the first instance.
type: integer
readonly: true
required: no


title: Wet/Dry
type: float
readonly: no
required: no
minimum: 0
maximum: 1
default: 1

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