Filter: fft

Plugin Information

title: FFT
media types: Audio
description: An audio filter that computes the FFT of the audio. This filter does not modify the audio or the image. It only computes the FFT and stores the result in the "bins" property of the filter.

version: 1
creator: Brian Matherly
copyright: Meltytech, LLC
license: LGPLv2.1



title: Window Size
description: The number of samples that the transform will be performed on. If window_size is less than the number of samples in a frame, extra samples will be ignored. If window_size is more than the number of samples in a frame, samples will be buffered from previous frames to fill the window. The buffering is performed as a sliding window so that the most recent samples are always transformed.
type: integer
readonly: no
required: no
default: 2048


title: Window Level

The level of the sample window. 0 indicates that there are no samples in the window. 1.0 indicates that the window is full.
The transform of a window that is not full may show frequency spikes that are not really present in the audio.

type: float
readonly: true
required: no
minimum: 0
maximum: 1.0


title: Bin Width
description: The width of each bin in Hz.
type: float
readonly: true
required: no
unit: Hz


title: Bin Count
description: The number of bins that are output from the transform.
type: integer
readonly: true
required: no


title: Output Bins

A pointer to an array of floats that represent the magnitude of the output of the transform.
bin[i] = sqrt( real[i]^2 + imag[i]^2 )

readonly: true
required: no



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