Applications and Services Using MLT

While MLT is a comprehensive package in its own right, it exposes functionality that allows the development of additional service modules, customised user interfaces and other tools.

Name Type Description License
Flowblade Application Non-linear movie editor for GTK+ written in Python GPLv3
Kdenlive Application Non-linear video editor for the ([KDE4] environnment GPLv2
Shotcut Application A free, open source, cross-platform video editor. GPLv3
Synfig Studio Application A free, open source, cross-platform 2D animation program. GPLv2
Movie Editor Application Video editor for Android Proprietary
OpenShot 1.x Application Non-linear video editor for GTK+ written in Python GPLv3
Fireswamp Application A simple GTK+ media player, developed using the MLT framework and plugins. Also features: command line loading of multiple clips, drag n drop media for immediate playback, keyboard and GUI controls GPLv2
Rugen Application A simple GTK+ scheduling tool for the control of the melted server, written using the libmvcp client API. Also features: provides control for multiple units, playlist editing, clip trim controls, in built shell to provide full access to MVCP. The page linked in the first column is informational but no longer contains the ([correct link to the latest version of the source code]. GPLv2
Vizinni Application A player in Ruby that lets you choose apply filters. It also demonstrates a mechanism for defining effect regions interactively. Public Domain
BuildOnMe Application A simple, example, cross-platform player in C++ using Qt 4 and OpenGL for video display. MIT
Melted Server Formerly known as Miracle, Melted is a video playout server for television broadcasting. It is based on the MVCP TCP protocol. GPLv2
MultimediaConversion Server MultimediaConversion is a PHP application that allows its users to get their audio and video files manipulated by remote server. GPLv3
C4IP Orion SD Appliance SDI-based broadcast playout server Proprietary
Karthavya QuickEdge Appliance SDI-based Broadcast Playout Server and Playout Automation Proprietary
B.C.E. Broadcaster Broadcasting Center Europe, an RTL Group company, Luxembourg, uses MLT with DVEO/Linsys SDI for internally-developed broadcast video ([playout servers]. N/A
dorf Broadcaster A community television station in Linz, Austria uses MLT with DVEO/Linsys SDI for a television playout system. N/A
El Trece Broadcaster Based in Asuncion, Paraguay, El Trece is also a national channel and uses MLT for some custom playout solution.  
MasTV Broadcaster A television station in Encarnacion, Paraguay uses 2 Melted SDI servers for on air playout and at least 8 workstations with Shotcut for capture, transcode, and ad hoc SDI playout. N/A
MiND Broadcaster A community television station in Philadelphia uses MLT with BlueFish444 and Linsys SDI for a playout server. N/A
ETV Broadcaster Ushodaya Enterprises, parent company of ETV in India, is the original sponsor of MLT development. N/A
M1 Broadcaster Ukrainian Music Television Channel “M1” uses melted with Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDI in their live production studio. N/A
SLAM!TV Broadcaster SLAM!TV is a music television channel from Netherlands-based SLAM!FM that used to use the ([C4IP Orion SD] appliance before its acquisition by RTL Nederland in 2011. N/A
Inviter Service Inviter is a web site that lets you send greeting cards and invitations with video, images, and music. N/A Service is a web site that lets you collaboratively create and videos for family and friends. N/A
Opus Video Productions Service Oklahoma City based company that provides corporate video services N/A
Next Day Video Service Next Day Video provides video services for technical conferences (e.g. PyCon) N/A Portal is a place for adaptors and developers of open source tools and programs for television or IPTV broadcast. N/A
Open Source Broadcast Portal Directory of Open Source Broadcasting Projects N/A
WebVfx Plugin WebVfx is a video effects library that allows effects to be implemented using WebKit HTML or Qt QML. H.P. BSD-like



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