Hall of Fame

The Developers

Charles Yates

Charlie was responsible for all of the design flaws you will inevitably find in the system. He lives in Antwerp, Belgium, with his wife, Lucy, and his wee man, Dylan. They recently acquired a crazy cat who they named Buffy.

Dan Dennedy

Dan was responsible for providing the bulk of the plug-ins, the core of the client/server architecture, technical experience, insight, and generally putting up with Charlie. He lives in California with his wife, two daughters and son, and works at MobiTV.

Zachary Drew

Zach is responsible for providing the new motion tracking functionality and stretching the framework even further.

The Testers

Many thanks to the #mlt IRC regulars (located on irc.gimp.net) and others who we’ve bludgeoned into submission into using MLT and reading the various docs associated to it. The list is long and the real names are few, but to pippin, sxpert, x_or, hermanr, baver, Ave, egon, Budd, thomasvs, bilboed, hcy, TeTeT, the guys at VMFX, and all the rest that have yawned and struggled their way through, many thanks again.

Commercially Interested


For the provision of their excellent DV and mpeg codecs which make professional use of this project that much easier for developers and broadcasters alike.


For the provision of their high quality hardware (PCI SDI cards).


For their use and encouragement of the development of the MLT framework for the Jahshaka project.

Honourable Mentions

Anyone and everyone involved in the amazing ffmpeg project - there are not enough superlatives to describe it. Thanks also to the xine team (to whom we owe some deinterlacing code :-)), to the GTK team for the the pixbuf and pango libraries, to a secret rabit who gave us resampling and probably many more who have provided indirect support and inspiration.

And, given that we shamelessly stole their story for our development, thanks and apologies are extended to William Goldman and Rob Reiner for their 1987 classic film, The Princess Bride.

Without Whom…

Ushodaya Enterprises Limited

UEL deserve more than a little thanks in the development of this project. Their acceptance and commitment to Open Source for such an ambitious project should be considered a source of inspiration to all.


Ganesh, or BGa to his friends, was the visionary behind the project - he provided the name, a specification, moral support, technical guidance, and, of course, many, many case of scope creep. Dan and Charlie owe a lot to him for his belief in them. He lives in India with his wife Saroo.



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