v6.10.0 released

Jul 2, 2018

You can download it from GitHub.

This version fixes bugs and supports serializing animation keyframes with a specified time format (previously only frame number).


  • Reverted mlt_pool change in v6.8.0 pending further testing.
    (USE_MLT_POOL compiler define is now a 0/1 boolean, defaults to 1.)
  • Fixed crash regression in v6.8.0 “parsing non-animated string as an animation.”
  • Added pointer checks to mlt_animation.
  • Changed producer cache size heuristic in mlt_multitrack to be more liberal.
  • Fixed handling reserved characters in names for YAML in mlt_properties.
  • Added clamping to prevent computing negative in and out points to mlt_producer.
  • Added functions to serialize animation with a time format:
    • mlt_animation_serialize_cut_tf()
    • mlt_animation_serialize_tf()
    • mlt_property_get_string_tf()
    • mlt_property_get_string_l_tf()
    • mlt_properties_get_value_tf()
    • Mlt::Properties::get(int, mlt_time_format)
    • Mlt::Animation::serialize_cut(mlt_time_format, int, int)
  • Added functions to clear a property to mlt_properties:
    • mlt_property_clear()
    • mlt_properties_clear()
    • Mlt::Properties::clear()


  • Fixed enabling sliced pix_fmt conversion in avformat producer.
  • Fixed incorrect seek and sync on audio files with discard packets.
  • Added support for avcodec_send_frame() API to avformat consumer.
  • Fixed compile errors with Libav master.
  • Fixed a crash in affine transition.
  • Fixed a crash in ladspa filters when consumer frame rate is low (e.g. <= 8).
  • Fixed a crash in boxblur filter.
  • Added animation support to boxblur hori and vert properties.
  • Fixed a crash in movit.convert.
  • Fixed incorrect alpha in affine transition blending routine.
  • Converted frei0r from deprecated mlt_geometry to mlt_animation API.
  • Fixed tilde in text string for pango producer.
  • Fixed using more than one channelcopy filter.
  • Fixed the mono filter reducing volume level.
  • Fixed degraded audio scrubbing in sdl2_audio consumer.
  • Converted dynamictext filter to use affine transition for more correct alpha compositing and sub-pixel positioning.
  • Added time format support for animation keyframes to the xml consumer.
  • Added animation support to more affine transition properties:
    • fix_rotate_x
    • fix_rotate_y
    • fix_rotate_z
    • fix_shear_x
    • fix_shear_y
    • fix_shear_z
    • ox
    • oy
    • scale_x
    • scale_y
  • Fixed gaps in text when characters overlap in qtext and kdenlive producers.
  • Fixed a crash in pixbuf producer with multiple render threads.
  • Converted the oldfilm vignette filter from mlt_geometry to mlt_animation.


  • Numerous updates to mlt-xml.dtd.
  • Categorized many of the encode presets (using meta.preset.name).



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