v6.14.0 released

Mar 30, 2019

You can download it from GitHub.

This version is mostly fixes plus a few API additions and filters.


  • Added mlt_profile_lumas_dir().
  • Added mlt_frame_get_unique_properties().
  • Added mlt_playlist_reorder() and Mlt::Playlist::reorder().
  • Added some new convenience constructors to mlt++
    • Producer(mlt_profile profile, const char *id, const char *service = NULL)
    • Consumer(mlt_profile profile, const char *id , const char *service = NULL)
    • Transition(mlt_profile profile, const char *id, const char *arg = NULL)
    • Filter(mlt_profile profile, const char *id, const char *service = NULL)
    • Tractor(mlt_profile profile, char *id, char *arg = NULL)
  • Added Mlt::Transition::connect(Service&).
  • Added unit tests for mlt_playlist.
  • Fixed a crash on invalid transition track values in mlt_transition.
  • Fixed a deadlock regression in v6.12.0 of mlt_consumer when starting from a paused state (producer speed=0).


  • The avformat module now requires at least FFmpeg v2.4 or Libav 12.
  • Added mask_start and mask_apply filters to the core module.
  • Added qtext filter to qt module.
  • Changed dynamictext and timer filters to use qtext.
  • Fixed number of digits for seconds in timer filter.
  • Added mlt_image_format property to color producer.
  • Improved color accuracy of libswscale RGB->YUV conversion.
  • Fixed frei0r producers not working with tractor.
  • Fixed decklink consumer stalling on dropped frames.
  • Generate lumas for 16:9, 9:16 (vertical), and square aspect ratios.
  • Fixed crash in qimage when alpha_size is zero.
  • Fixed the mlt_consumer channels property not being passed to multi consumer.
  • Fixed the shape filter for full range color and crashes.
  • Converted the shape filter to use mlt_animation.
  • Added a use_mix property to the shape filter.
  • Fixed invert=1 and mix=100 gives wrong image in shape filter.
  • Fixed a possible free null pointer in the linsys sdi consumer.
  • Fixed using destroyed temporary object in qimage.
  • Fixed a possible null pointer dereference in the spot_remover filter.
  • Fixed memory leak on swr_convert() failure in swresample filter.
  • Fixed possible null pointer dereference in affine when not using rect.
  • Fixed loading image sequence on Windows in qimage.
  • Fixed some null pointer crashes using Movit opengl services.
  • Fixed sdl2 consumer crashes during initialization on Linux or BSD.
  • Fixed distorted image using melt_file.
  • Fixed qimage build on Qt version < 5.5.
  • Added offset property to the timer filter.
  • Changed the boxblur hori & vert properties’ minimum to 0.
  • Fixed crash in duplicate frame on rotated videos.
  • Added automatic scaling and padding to avfilter.
  • Fixed field order when encoding progressive as interlace.
  • Fixed frei0r plugins to use the number of slices from the threads property.
  • Fixed over compositing with transparent clips in luma transition.
  • Added sliced processing to dissolve-with-alpha using the threads property.
  • Added createdate keyword to dynamictext filter.
  • Fixed possible crash changing audio_index in avformat producer.
  • Fixed small memory leaks in xml consumer, jackrack, and timewarp producer.
  • Fixed compiling opencv module with OpenCV > 3.


  • Added vertical video profiles:
    • vertical_hd_30
    • vertical_hd_60
  • Mlt++ now requires C++11 compiler support.
  • Added --disable-windeploy to configure to keep bin & lib folders on Windows.
  • Added support for consumer in & out to melt.
  • Fixed color accuracy of lossless/Ut Video preset and use pix_fmt yuv422p.
  • Fixed lossless/H.264 preset to use crf=0.
  • Fixed compiling with mingw32.
  • Fixed build with Python 3.



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