v6.22.1 released

Jul 30, 2020

You can download it from GitHub.

This version fixes bugs associated with the preview scaling introduced in the previous version.


  • Added mlt_properties_exists() and Mlt::Properties::property_exists().
  • Added mlt_audio C class with:
    • mlt_audio_new()
    • mlt_audio_close()
    • mlt_audio_set_values()
    • mlt_audio_get_values()
    • mlt_audio_alloc_data()
    • mlt_audio_calculate_size()
    • mlt_audio_plane_count()
    • mlt_audio_plane_size()
    • mlt_audio_get_planes()
    • mlt_audio_shrink()
    • mlt_audio_reverse()
    • mlt_audio_copy()
    • mlt_audio_calculate_frame_samples()
    • mlt_audio_calculate_samples_to_position()
    • mlt_audio_channel_layout_name()
    • mlt_audio_channel_layout_id()
    • mlt_audio_channel_layout_channels()
    • mlt_audio_channel_layout_default()
  • Added Mlt::Audio C++ class with:
    • Mlt::Audio::Audio()
    • Mlt::Audio::Audio(mlt_audio_s*)
    • Mlt::Audio::~Audio()
    • Mlt::Audio::data()
    • Mlt::Audio::set_data(void*)
    • Mlt::Audio::frequency()
    • Mlt::Audio::set_frequency(int)
    • Mlt::Audio::format()
    • Mlt::Audio::set_format(mlt_audio_format)
    • Mlt::Audio::samples()
    • Mlt::Audio::set_samples(int)
    • Mlt::Audio::channels()
    • Mlt::Audio::set_channels(int)
    • Mlt::Audio::layout()
    • Mlt::Audio::set_layout(mlt_channel_layout)
  • Fixed drop-frame timecode for 59.94 fps.
  • Fixed crash on null pointer passed to mlt_consumer_stop().


  • Fixed frei0r transitions with preview scaling.
  • Fixed affine ox and oy properties incorrect with preview scaling.
  • Fixed a crash and incorrect preview scaling with more than one affine filter active on the same frame.
  • Fixed preview scaling for the rotoscoping filter.
  • Moved some services from gtk2 module to a new gdk module:
    • gtkrescale filter
    • pango producer
    • pixbuf producer
  • Deprecated the gtk2 module and no longer enabled by default.
  • Deprecated the linsys (DVEO SDI) module.
  • Added the sample_fmt property to the avformat consumer.
  • Fixed a possible segfault in the mix transition.
  • Removed support for text keyframes to the text and qtext filters to fix regression on strings containing ‘=’.
  • Disable frame-threading with bigsh0t, distort0r, and medians frei0r plugins.
  • Added meta.media.%d.stream.projection property the avformat producer.
  • Fixed a crash with with filters not supporting preview scale in frei0r transitions.
  • Fix artifacts in luma transition and affine filter with frame-threading.
  • Stop including title="Anonymous Submission" in xml consumer.
  • Fixed a crash in opencv.tracker filter.
  • Fixed a crash in composite transition if luma file fails to load.
  • Added validations in opengl module to prevent asserts in Movit.
  • Fixed building with OpenCV 4.
  • Changed avformat producer to accept a ‘?’ in argument/resource property by escaping it as ‘\?’.
  • Changed the background property of the affine filter to be mutable.
  • Fixed changing the audio_index property in the avformat producer.
  • Changed resample filter to more resiliant to frequency changes.
  • Added a video_delay property to the sdl2_audio and rtaudio consumers.
  • Add millisecond options to the timer filter.
  • Fixed the in point handling for the timewarp producer.
  • Fixed some audio gaps and sync issues with the rbpitch filter and timewarp pitch compensation.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by producer consumer.
  • Changed avformat consumer to set AVOption color_primaries based on the MLT colorspace if not already set as property.
  • Fixed crop right on image with odd width skews image in crop filter.
  • Fixed incorrect silence value for unsigned 8-bit audio in avformat producer.
  • Changed qimage to use Qt’s internal orientation detection instead of libexif.
  • Reduced clicks in mix transition by silencing buffers on discontinuity.
  • Improved A/V synchronization in swresample and resample filters - also reduces audio clicks.
  • Improved speed of the qimage producer.
  • Fixed incorrect color using libx264rgb in avformat consumer.
  • Fixed relative paths for avfilters that have the filename option.
  • Fixed some avfilters dropping the alpha channel: smartblur, vaguedenoiser.
  • Improved performance of the resize filter.
  • Fixed an affine filter inside a transition was always nearest neighbor interpolation.
  • Changed the lift_gamma_gain filter to use round values up.


  • Fixed melt option -group applies to an implicit consumer.
  • Added -quiet option to melt (implies -silent but more so).
  • CMake build improvments adding modules:
    • gdk
    • jackrack
    • lumas
    • resample
    • sox
    • vorbis
  • Added avformat consumer presets:
    • Slide-Deck-H264
    • Slide-Deck-HEVC
  • Removed “intra=1” from some avformat presets (use g=1 for intra only):
    • intermediate/MPEG-2
    • intermediate/MPEG-4
    • lossless/H.264
  • Fixed using Qt, Movit, and WebVfx in the official docker image:
    IMPORTANT: it now requires docker run with the --init option.



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