v6.8.0 released

May 10, 2018

You can download it from GitHub.

This version improves support for multi-channel audio and adds some new manipulation functions to the mlt_animation API.


  • Added support for musl C library.
  • Added functions for audio channel layouts:
    • mlt_channel_layout_name()
    • mlt_channel_layout_id()
    • mlt_channel_layout_channels()
    • mlt_channel_layout_default()
  • Added channel_layout property to mlt_consumer.
  • Added mlt_channel_layout enum.
  • Disabled memory pooling by default and require compile macro USE_MLT_POOL to re-enable it.
  • Fixed reliability of keyframed properties serializing properly.
  • Fixed parsing non-animated string as an animation.
  • Added more functions to mlt_animation:
    • mlt_animation_key_set_type()
    • mlt_animation_key_set_frame()
    • Mlt::Animation::key_set_type()
    • Mlt::Animation::key_set_frame()


  • Fixed some crashes in qimage producer especially with alpha channel.
  • Fixed >2 channel audio output in the SDL consumers.
  • Fixed >2 channel audio output in the rtaudio consumer on Windows.
  • Fixed vorbis encoding with FFmpeg v3.4+.
  • qimage and qtext are now higher priority than gtk2 pixbuf and pango by the loader producer.
  • Added support for more channel counts to decklink consumer.
  • Added swresample filter based on libswresample from FFmpeg. This is now the preferred channel count normalizing filter used by the loader producer.
  • Fixed the strange “Undefined constant” and “Unable to parse option value” log messages in the the avformat consumer.
  • Fixed GIF and DPX writing in avformat consumer.
  • Reduced the memory usage of the affine transition and filters.
  • Fixed a crash in kdenlivetitle producer.
  • Fixed a crash in the rotoscoping filter.
  • Fixed frame rate reported in Matroska and WebM files produced by the avformat consumer.
  • Added sdl2_audio consumer.
  • Fixed alpha channel support for more pixel formats in the avformat producer.
  • Converted the affine transition to use mlt_rect and mlt_animation.
  • Fixed LADSPA plugins with mono channel audio.


  • Fixed a melt command line parsing bug when argument supplied to -transition.
  • Fixed melt with SDL2 on Windows not using stdio and stderr.
  • Improved speed of the vp9 avformat consumer preset.



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