Version 7 Migration Guide

The purpose of this document is to explain how to migrate a MLT major version 6 application to major version 7.


  • The build system has moved completely to CMake. Read the top-level CMakeLists.txt for the options.
  • The major version is now part of the library name as well as the installed:
    • pkg-config files (mlt-framework-7.pc and mlt++-7.pc),
    • modules (lib/mlt-7/),
    • headers (include/mlt-7/),
    • and data (share/mlt-7/).
  • As a result, you may need to change how you are locating the MLT package or overriding things to access modules.
  • The mlt++ headers are installed to include/mlt-7/ instead of being separate.
  • There is no more mlt-config and only pkg-config.
  • Old make targets dist, validate-yml, codespell, and uninstall are gone.


  • Since luma file generation was removed, see documentation for mlt_luma_map.
  • mlt_geometry is removed
  • mlt_events has changed majorly:
    • mlt_transmitter was removed as being unnecessary
    • mlt_event_data was added and replaces the variable arguments to mlt_events_fire() and mlt_listener().
  • mlt_image_rgb24a is renamed to mlt_image_rgba
  • mlt_image_rgb24 is renamed to mlt_image_rgb
  • mlt_image_glsl is renamed to mlt_image_movit
  • mlt_image_glsl_texture is renamed to mlt_image_opengl_texture
  • mlt_image_opengl is removed


  • The following modules have been removed. Most of them were previously indicated as deprecated:
    • dv
    • feeds
    • gtk2 (not gdk, which still exists and provides the important pango and pixbuf producers.)
    • kino
    • linsys (provided the sdi consumer, not to be confused with decklink)
    • motion_est
    • swfdec
    • videostab (superceded by vid.stab)
    • lumas (replaced with the mlt_luma_map API in v6.18.0)
      This means there will no longer be files generated, but the old file names like %luma01.pgm are still supported, are generated dynamically, and adapt to the mlt_profile resolution.
  • The opengl module is renamed to movit but the names of the services are the same.
  • The services of the vmfx module were moved into plus but the names of the services are the same.
  • The following services have been removed:
    • core/data_feed
    • core/data_show
    • core/region transition and filter



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