Consumer: multi

Plugin Information

title: Multiple outputs
media types: Audio Video
description: Use multiple consumers with the same producer.
version: 1
creator: Dan Dennedy
copyright: Copyright (C) 2011-2014 Meltytech, LLC
license: LGPL


There are a few ways of defining each of the outputs and their properties. One form is a flat set of properties on this consumer that follows the pattern: <N>=<service> [<N>.<property>=<value>]* For example, 0=sdl 0.rescale=bilinear 1=avformat … To change the profile for a particular output set the property "mlt_profile." You can put these into a MLT properties file and supply that to this consumer. Another way is to create a separate properties list for each output and set that on the consumer with a numeric name starting with zero: <N>=<mlt_properties object> … In this format, to specify the service, use the property name "mlt_service" and, again, to specify the profile, use "mlt_profile." You can put these into a YAML Tiny file and supply that to this consumer. This is also the recommended way for applications to interact with this consumer, which is how melt and the XML producer support multiple consumers.



title: File
description: A properties or YAML file specifying multiple consumers and their properties.
type: string
readonly: no
required: no



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