Filter: audiolevel

Plugin Information

title: Audio Levels
media types: Audio
description: Compute the audio amplitude.
version: 1
creator: Dan Dennedy
contributor: Marco Gittler
contributor: Steve Harris
copyright: Dan Dennedy, Marco Gittler, and Steve Harris
license: GPLv2


This filter provides the amplitude level as a percentage value in floating point. This does not do any "slowing" of the data by averaging out peaks and troughs of short duration like a VU meter. Applications can also get this data on the frame as<N> where <N> is the channel number starting with 0.



title: Use IEC 60268-18 Scale
type: integer
readonly: no
required: no
minimum: 0
maximum: 1
default: 1
widget: checkbox


description: <N> is the channel number starting with 0. This is updated on every frame with audio.
type: float
readonly: yes
required: no
minimum: 0
maximum: 1



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