Filter: gain

Plugin Information

title: gain
media types: Audio
description: Process audio using a SoX effect.
version: 1
creator: Dan Dennedy
copyright: Meltytech, LLC
license: LGPL


  • Some effects are stereo only, but MLT processes each channel separately.
  • Some effects have a temporal side-effect that do not work well.



title: Options
type: string
readonly: no
required: no
format: [-e|-b|-B|-r] [-n] [-l|-h] [gain-dB] -e Equalise channels: peak to that with max peak; -B Balance channels: rms to that with max rms; no clip protection -b Balance channels: rms to that with max rms; clip protection Note -Bn = -bn -r Reclaim headroom (as much as possible without clipping); see -h -n Norm file to 0dBfs(output precision); gain-dB, if present, usually <0 -l Use simple limiter -h Apply attenuation for headroom for subsequent effects; gain-dB, if present, is subject to reclaim by a subsequent gain -r gain-dB Apply gain in dB



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