Filter: videostab

Plugin Information

title: Videostab (deprecated)
media types: Video
description: Stabilize Video (for wiggly video)
version: 0.1
creator: Marco Gittler
contributor: Dan Dennedy
copyright: Copyright (C) 2011 Marco Gittler
license: GPL


This filter is deprecated and will eventually be removed; use the vidstab filter instead. This filter requires two passes. The first pass performs analysis and stores the result in the vectors property. The second pass applies the vectors to the image. To use with melt, use 'melt … -consumer xml:output.mlt all=1' for the first pass. For the second pass, use output.mlt as the input.



title: Shutterangle
description: Angle that Images could be maximum rotated
type: integer
readonly: no
required: no
minimum: 0
maximum: 180
default: 0
widget: spinner


title: Vectors
description: A set of X/Y coordinates by which to adjust the image. When this is not supplied, the filter computes the vectors and stores them in this property when the last frame has been processed.
type: geometry
readonly: no
required: no



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