Road Map

All of this is speculative and only ideas for consideration at this point.

7.x (Current)

See also Version 7 Migration Guide

  • add ability to have relative audio and video index in avformat producer along with a fail over to the first stream of respective type when invalid
  • convert most services and properties to mlt_animation
  • add more tests (difficult to define coverage required at this point)
  • document expectations in each type of service (e.g. meta properties, frame-threading)
  • improve mlt_consumer:real_time > 1
  • more text effects like outline and blur (text and backround) in qtext html and letter spacing in plain text
  • fix the cache issue that necessitates mlt_multitrack.c:resize_service_caches()

8.x (Next)

  • add const and cleanup constructors in C++ API details TBD
  • add option to build without locale
  • mlt_profile -> mlt_context derived from mlt_properties, namely for reference-counting but also to replace mlt_environment()
  • add color_trc, color_range, color_primaries, interpolation, and audio params (channels, frequency, channel_layout) to mlt_context
  • tighten the property namespace (inconsistent service name prefixing, hiding, and putting things on mlt_frame)
  • add mlt_rational type and property functions, and convert things like aspect ratios and frame rates to use it
  • add 16-byte alignment for FFmpeg including aligned image plane and audio channel buffers
  • change mlt_frame_get_image() to take mlt_image instead of multiple parameters (as well as get_image in all services)
  • change mlt_frame_get_audio() to take mlt_audio instead of multiple parameters (as well as get_audio in all services)
  • collapse mlt_tractor, mlt_multitrack, and mlt_field APIs
  • speed < 1.0 support (mlt_position as double?)
  • variable frame-rate support
  • add a way for services to mark frames as dirty to faciliate a disk cache or smart render (pass-through coded packets)
  • builds with MSVC and vcpkg (see its repo)
  • port many effects to Movit or a new image processing framework that:
    • supports 10-bit input and output (future support for 12-bit desired)
    • supports HDR (HDR10/PQ, HLG)
    • maximizes usage of multi-core CPU and GPU
    • ensures scene-referred linear color image processing
    • compatible with avfilter, OpenCV, and Qt high bit depth
  • determine new mlt_image_formats needed for new processing framework
  • integrate OpenColorIO
  • add OpenTimelineIO producer and consumer
  • automate and test arm64 builds
  • add an abstract playback consumer that encompasses the logic of sdl2 but only fires events and does not integrate any technologies outside of MLT
  • add support for timed text
  • add support for timed data
  • find a framework to integrate AI/ML-based effects
    • background removal
    • upscaling
    • denoising
    • sharpening
    • optical flow

Old Roadmap

This is a todo list from many years ago. Some ideas may still be interesting and relevant.

  • add a libraw producer
  • add field-aware scaler
  • add EDL import and export
  • add LV2 audio filter
  • consolidate composite and affine transitions into a single transition that can also take its properties from frame
  • automatic cropping using motion_est
  • automatic cropping when sample aspect != display aspect (DV)
  • use motion_est module for scene change detection
  • expand motion_est module to track filter masks
  • integrate blender (gvfx)
  • [Bob+Weave](] for slow motion or double framerate
  • add weave interlacer (e.g. 50p to PAL DVD)
  • audio matching
  • add a gstreamer producer that uses decodebin2
  • add gstreamer consumer support? (or implement a gstreamer element gstmlt)
  • pass-through for formats that can support this
  • AFD support
  • gegl module?
  • VideoJack (vjack) support?
  • expand YAML Tiny parser to support JSON
  • convert melt syntax to YAML Tiny / JSON
  • add shared-mime-info loader based on xdgmime
  • add SNMP support to Melted
  • add ‘fx cut’ to XFER command in Melted
  • add sample accuracy to audio
  • add field level accuracy to video
  • Intel Media SDK?
  • audio buses and video layers
  • integrate physics engine? See Box2d in Newton for After Effects - maybe with QML version of WebVfx plugin?
  • OpenFX
  • VST



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